Angie Brooks - Contemporary Artist


Angie Brooks is an American painter and Artist who is inspired by the natural world, the elements, culture, travel, myths, and the human spirit. 

You can feel this energy in her mixed media work, as she builds layers from charcoal to texture, metal leaf, paint, pigment, encaustic, photography, and collage; composing an unconscious and intuitive dialogue into a creative composition that evolves into a work of art.

She attended Fashion Institute of Technology  in NYC, and the New World School of the Arts  in Miami. But, her real self-discovery and renaissance began through her travels; from Italy to Morocco, and each place in between- they have influenced her design aesthetic, and vision.

She has owned a decorative arts business for over 25 years, working and creating custom decorative finishes and murals in luxurious homes and commercial spaces across the country. She continues to do design work for select specialty clients.

Her work has been featured in Naples Illustrated, Bonita Living,  and Casa Y Estilo International.

Two of her fave quotes are:

 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step' - Lao Tzu (600bc)

'...One does not discover distant lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a long time...' -André Gide (20c)

Brooks says, "My next journey of a thousand miles is just beginning, because we have many paths, millions of miles, choices in life- I am aware now that I get to have a say how it resonates, and ultimately is my choice, and I am the Director of my life with intention.

I will continue to seek and explore the empty nest, undiscovered paths and places, and redefine my passion and my soul's purpose with greater strength, awareness, full of hope, love, expansion, and of course....consenting all the way."

Live! Create!